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Graphene Coating

Nano Graphene coating is a thin layer of liquid applied over the car's surface, post Complete car clean & 2 steps Car polish, thereby the liquid solidifies over the car's paint, protecting the paint from acid etching, oxidation, graffiti & thermal resistance, from swirls & scratches and aids in ease of cleaning dirt. Who would want a care-free drive, without worrying about his car's paint for a period of 5+ years?

Ceramic coating (9H)

Ceramic coating has a hardness of 9H, which protect's the car's paint from harmful contaminants and adds gloss to the paint. It keeps the car's paint virgin & fresh till its durability of 2+ years. Ceramic coating is economical than Graphene coating and is a preferred solution for budget cars. The Best time to get Ceramic coating is soon after you purchase the car, nevertheless during the first 4-5 years is an apt time for Ceramic coating application.

Paint Protection Films (PPF)

Paint Protections Films, or otherwise called PPF acts as a lamination/ an invisible shield applicated over a car to make it look new as long as possible. PPF is superior to Ceramic or Graphene coating as it provides all advantages of coating and in addition, has self-healing properties allowing for long-term protection against paint chips & scratches. PPF has superior properties such as high durability of 3-10 years based on the grade, excellent optical clarity & high gloss, awesome water repellant property, self-healing property, solvent resistance etc. Various grades of PPFs are available based on the durability, properties & price.

Car Buff & Polish

Remember the freshness & gloss which was there when you purchased your new car. Soon it gets old, you loose all of them slowly. Car Buff & Polish is especially for such bit old cars to rejuvenate & refurbish it. Post complete cleaning of the car, compounding and polishing is done to remove scratches on the car and add gloss to the car. Then paint protection polish is applied which would retain the gloss for a period of 6+ months, with proper maintenance. Who wouldn't love getting theit old car looks new as near showroom condition?

Car Wraps

Car Wraps are primarily for Millenials & Gen Z champs, who desire to offer a premium look & increase aesthetic appeal of their car. Car Wraps are available in various designs, colours & shapes, including localised wraps on bonnet, roof etc. Car wraps are faster and more cost effective than paint job & can also be easily removed/ changed with the next design. Want to give a One-of-a-kind unique look for your car? Go for Wraps.

Sunfilm / Tint Installations

If you've ever had to stop and wait for the sun's rays before rolling up your windows, or have people peering into your car as they walk by, it can be an irritant. At The Detailing Company, we provide a solution that will keep those unwanted eyes away from all of this with our window tint and Sun-film applications; cooler cars without compromise on privacy!.

Premium Car cleaning services

We use internationally certified car wash products with best in industry machineries to give you the best car wash experience. Our team is a very experienced one whose expertise in professional car washing will be an added advantage for our belvoed customers to come and get the service done. As mentioned, we use top quality materials including the shampoo and the polishing compounds for final finishing touches after service which will give our customers the best satisfaction.

Bike Detailing

Why should cars have all fun? Bike Detailing division in DC is expertised in Bike Ceramic / Graphene coating, Bike PPF or otherwise called Bike Paint Protection Films, Bike Wraps etc. Every Bike lovers wants to add the majestic look, feel & protection to his Bike and you know the destination for all of it. DC - The name says it all.